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DNC Scrubbing of Contact Numbers

  • Flags numbers not to be dialed by matching contact list phone numbers against a Do-Not-Call list.

  • The source of DNC data can be a third-party service ( or a database table. Each campaign may have a different DNC scrubbing source.

  • Collections customers can use a custom table for account "kills" or for cell phone scrubbing.

  • Initial bulk scrub of contact list is recommended but is optional.

  • During campaign execution, batches of numbers are scrubbed just prior to placing the calls.

Feature Overview

As a best practice and as required by telemarketing campaigns, Interaction Dialer customers can scrub their contact lists against state and local Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists prior to dialing those lists. Scrubbing is often done against in-house lists acquired from the government entities or using, a third-party list cleansing service provided by the Contact Center Compliance Corporation.

Scrubbing prevents contact numbers from being dialed by a campaign. Dialer integrates directly with and supports custom DNC data sources, which must be tables in Dialer's database.

To define a DNC source, use the DNC Sources view. Once a source has been set it, you can assign it to a campaign and perform an initial bulk scrub of records in the campaign's contact list (see procedures below).

Scrubbing is a two-step process:

  1. An initial, bulk scrub of the entire contact list is performed first. This typically removes 30-40% of the entries. 

  2. When the contact list is dialed by a campaign, Dialer performs just-in-time scrubbing to exclude contacts whose DNC status changed between the time the contact list was bulk scrubbed and the time the contact is being dialed.  Just-in-time scrubbing is performed when records are pulled into cache.

It is not uncommon for a list to be dialed for days or weeks, so changes in DNC status should be expected to occur.  Just-in-time scrubbing is intended to remove relatively few numbers while initial bulk DNC scrubbing can remove as many as 40% of the entries in a contact list.

Just-in-time scrubbing is performed for scheduled calls too. Calls to custom numbers that are blocked by a custom DNC source are not logged.

How scrubbed records are marked in the Contact List

Phone numbers blocked by DNC scrubbing are marked with a status of "P" in the campaign's Phone Number Detail table.  "P" stands for "purge", to indicate that the number should not be called. 

Phone Number Detail (PND) tables track the do-not-call status of multiple telephone numbers associated with a contact.  Interaction Dialer creates and maintains a PND table automatically for each contact list in use which contains a row for each contact column, for each contact.  PND tables are automatically created and managed by Interaction Dialer.  Each PND table tracks time zone, contact attempts, and rescheduling attempts for each phone number associated with a contact record. 

 DNC scrubbing does not modify the status field in a contact list, which indicates the overall status of a contact. It does modify the callable status of individual numbers, which are maintained in a Phone Number Detail table.

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