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Statistic condition type

The condition type compares a period statistic to a predefined value.


Type a name for the new policy condition in the Name field. This can be anything you like, so long as it is unique within the policy. Try to use of a descriptive name that describes the criteria that this condition evaluates.

Condition Type

Select "Statistic" to display options that configure this condition.



This option selects the period (time interval) that the statistic applies to.

  • Campaign—scopes statistics from the time when the active campaign began running to the present.

  • Recycle—scopes statistics from the time when the Contact List was last recycled to the present.

Statistic Category

Selects a Dialer statistical category.

Dialer agent statistics

Summarize the activity of a specific Dialer agent.

Dialer campaign statistics

Totals that pertain to a campaign or site.

Dialer wrap up statistics

Summarize the dispositions of Dialer calls