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Interaction Scripter Developer's Guide (PureConnect Outbound)

This publication is for web page developers who create campaign scripts for Interaction Scripter .NET Client, which is a key component of the multichannel outbound capability of PureConnect. Experience with ECMA-262 JavaScript is recommended as a prerequisite. This document explains the actions, events, attributes, and services that are used to create custom campaign scripts using HTML and JavaScript.

Organization of Material

The material is divided into reference sections that you can read in any order. Topics are cross-referenced using hyperlinks. To learn about new features, reliability enhancements, and bug fixes in this release, refer to the Interaction Dialer Release Notes and the Revisions topic in this document.



Interaction Scripter Actions

Actions are messages from Interaction Scripter scripts to the server that trigger an action on the CIC server. This section explains the various actions that are available in Scripter and how to implement code in a web pages to use these actions.

Interaction Scripter Events

Events are notification messages from the CIC server that trigger script functions.

Interaction Scripter Attributes

Attributes are data items passed by actions to the CIC server. A Dialer attribute is data from a column in a database that is associated with a campaign.

Interaction Scripter Behaviors

Behaviors are like command line parameters and are used to change the way that Scripter behaves when running custom scripts. This means that the behaviors are limited to the custom scripts that implement them rather than applying globally.

The scripter object

The scripter object defines call, campaign, chat, conference, queue, and user objects whose methods and properties are useful in blended call center environments.

Script Examples

This section discusses commonly scripted programming tasks in Advanced Interaction Scripter.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides the answers to frequently asked questions.


Describes bug fixes and changes in Interaction Scripter.

Last revision: November 08,2023