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Interaction Feedback Settings

Use this page to configure Interaction Feedback settings.

Prompts Path

Type the path from which the survey prompts are loaded. The default value for the prompts is \\[server name]\IC\Resources\\SurveyPrompts.

Recordings Path  

Type the path where the recorded surveys are stored. This is where free-form survey answers are stored. The default value for the recordings is \\[server name]\ICompressed Recordings\.

Audio Compression  

Select the Audio Compression protocol to use when compressing survey recordings. The values are: audio/PCMU, audio/PCMA, audio/GSM, audio/x-truespeech, and audio/G726-32. The default value is audio/x-truespeech.

Enable Audio Encryption

Select this check box to enable audio encryption. This feature will be available in a future release.