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SIP Proxy Configuration - General

Use this page to configure general settings for the SIP Proxy server.

If you want SIP devices to register to both CIC and Interaction SIP Proxy, you must define a SIP proxy in Interaction Administrator and set a registration group to use both a SIP line and the SIP proxy.

Trust this Proxy

Select this button to enable the CIC server to communicate with the Interaction SIP Proxy server.  This button is not displayed if the Interaction SIP Proxy server is currently trusted. If you want to reset or stop using a proxy, you must delete it.  


Select the location associated with the SIP Proxy server. Each SIP Proxy server can include device configuration data from only one location at a time. Location(s) are available in the list assuming one or more locations are defined in the Regionalization Locations container.

Once you select the location, click OK and the CIC server will exchange certificates and share its Location configuration data with the SIP Proxy server. The Version, Registration Address and Ports are displayed below the location.

CIC sends updates in the location configuration data to the Interaction SIP Proxy server as needed. 

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