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user.gifworkgrp.gif  ACD Statistics

You can set ACD statistic shift start options for a user or for a workgroup.

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Call Statistics

The Call Statistics fields appear only in the workgroup configuration since these fields affect only call statistics for Workgroup (that is, ACD) queues that belong to an ACD Workgroup.

Statistics Period

The is the number of minutes used to define the "current period" and the "previous period" statistics on the Queues page in Interaction Supervisor. The statistics period includes every X number of minutes from midnight to the current time, where X is the number in the  field. The default time is 30 minutes, which means the "current period" and "previous period" changes on every half-hour boundary.

Estimated Call Time Interval

The ACD Statistics (Call or Queue) tools in a handler that provides callers with estimated wait time feedback, uses this number of minutes in its wait time calculation. This is a rolling interval, which means the interval is the number of minutes prior to each use of the estimated wait time function as it is invoked on the CIC server. The ACD Statistics tools calculate the estimated wait time for a caller in a queue by taking the average time all callers waited in the queue during the current interval (for example, the previous 30 minutes from the time the ACD Statistics tool in a handler was invoked). The default setting for the interval is 30 minutes.

Statistic Shift Starts

This list of times determines the beginning time and duration of each shift for this user or the members of the current workgroup. These times are used to define (relative to the current time) the "current shift" and the "previous shift" on the Queues page in Interaction Supervisor. The default statistic shift start time starts every 8 hours  (midnight, 8:00 AM, 4:00 PM).

Use the Add and Delete buttons to add or remove shift times. To change a shift time, first delete it and then add a new time to replace it.