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Change the Sound of Your Incoming Calls

If you are using the "Ring Computer" option for your incoming calls, you can change the ring sound to any sound you like. For more information, see General Alerting Options.

Note: Your CIC administrator can lock configuration options so that they cannot be changed by individual users. If the configuration options are grayed-out, you do not have permission to modify them. If you have questions about configuration options and permissions, see your CIC administrator.

To change the sound of your PC’s ring:

  1. In the Configuration dialog box, expand the Alerting node and click the My Interaction Ring Sounds node.

  2. In the My Interactions Ring Sounds properties details pane, click the button with the ellipsis (three dots) for Calls.

Result: The Open dialog box, which displays sound files in a list, appears.

  1. Choose a sound from the list or search for a sound in another directory. Click OK after making your selection.

  2. To listen or review your sound file, click the Play button for Calls.

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