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Configure Chat Options

Chat options make it easier for you to manage multiple interactions at the same time and remain aware of what is happening in a Chat interaction. You can work on another interaction or task and are alerted by a sound or see a visual clue when you need to focus on the Chat again. Chat Options control the behavior of both the Chat window and the Chat View.

Tip: To configure the Chat window toolbar, see Configure Chat Window.

To configure chat options:

  1. In the Configuration dialog box, click the Chats node.

  2. In the Chat properties details pane, select from the following options:

Focus when new text is added

To be alerted visually when a chat participant starts to type or sends new text, select this option.

Result: One of the following happens:

  • If you use the Chat window to manage chats and have minimized or hidden it, the Chat window is restored (popped) and appears on top of any other open windows.

Note: If this option is not selected and the Chat window is minimized or is not the active window, the Windows taskbar CIC client button flashes when new text is added.

  • This setting is ignored if you use the Chat View. However a yellow border appears around the chat interaction in My Interactions when a chat participant enters some new text and you do not have the appropriate Chat window or the Chat View selected (in focus). For more information, see Working with Chat Sessions.

Play sound when new text is added.

To hear a sound when any of the other chat participants sends new text as part of the Chat conversation, select this option.

Note: This setting works for all chats, regardless of whether you use the Chat window or the Chat View to manage chats.

Display timestamps

To display the time new text was added to the chat, select this option.

Result: Each new chat entry includes a timestamp. This timestamp appears next to the text in the ongoing conversation in the Chat window and the Chat View.

Note: This is the time the CIC client received notification that someone added new text to the chat. Timestamps reflect your local time (the time on your workstation). They are not based on the time zones of other chat participants. The time appears in the Short time format which you can configure in the Windows Region and Language settings.

  1. Click Apply to save your selections.

  1. Click OK to close the Configuration dialog box.

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