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Send Email Message Buttons

Two different send email message buttons can appear on the Directory toolbar. Use these buttons to send an email message to a specific email address associated with a selected directory entry.

Note: For more information about checking which email addresses are associated with your directory entries, see View and Edit Directory Entries.





Send an email message to the Business email address.


Send an email message to the Home email address.


Directory Toolbar

Note: You can configure which Send Email buttons appear on your Directory toolbar. For more information about adding buttons to your Directory toolbar, see Customizing Toolbars.

Keyboard shortcut

For a list of email keyboard shortcuts, see Directory Toolbar Shortcuts.


Click an email button to use your email program to send an email message to a specific address for a selected Directory entry.

Note: The toolbar button is unavailable if this address is not available for the selected Directory entry. For example, the Send Email to Home address button is disabled if that email address does not exist for the currently selected Directory entry.

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