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Find Related Interactions

Requirements: Only agents with the appropriate licenses and security rights can create and manage Interaction Tracker information from inside the CIC client. For more information, see Tracker Licensing.

Use the Find Interaction Wizard to locate related interactions after the interaction is completed. You can then view the associated Tracker information.

Tip: You can also view the interactions associated with a selected Contact, Organization or Location. For more information about using the appropriate Properties dialog box, see Modify Tracker Contact Information, Modify Tracker Organization Information, or Modify Tracker Location Information.

To find a related interaction:

  1. From the Tracker menu, select Find Interaction.

Result: The Find Interaction dialog box appears.

  1. From the Where to Search drop-down list, select one of the following:

    • My Interactions to include only interactions with which you were personally associated.

    • Interactions of My Organization to include all interactions associated with the organization to which you belong.

    • Interaction of My Location to include all interactions associated with your location.

  1. In the Basic and Advanced tabs, enter other search criteria.

  2. Click Next >.

Result: A list of matching interactions appears in the Search Results page of the Find Interaction dialog box.

  1. To view the details of one of the listed interactions, do one of the following:

    • Double-click the selected interaction.

    • Right-click the selected interaction and choose Interaction Details.

Result: The Interaction Properties dialog box appears.

Note: You can add, edit, or delete some of the information in the Interaction Properties dialog box. In particular, you can work with Notes and Attributes information. For more information, see Interaction Notes and Assign Interaction Tracker Attributes.

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