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Phone Number Controls

The CIC client verifies phone numbers that you enter against the dial plan for your organization or region. Verification ensures that the phone numbers you enter for directory entries and configuration options are correctly formatted and can be dialed.


Validated phone number

A validated phone number is formatted according to the rules of the dial plan for your organization or region. A validated phone number becomes the display number in the CIC client.

A display number can become a clickable link that dials the number.

Tip: To copy the phone number to the Clipboard, right-click a validated phone number. To copy the phone number and extension, right-click an extension number.


Edit button

Click the Edit button to change a phone number.


Unvalidated phone number

A phone number appears exactly as you enter it until you validate it.


Validate button

Click the Validate button to check your phone number entry against the requirements of the dial plan for your organization or region.


Invalid phone number

Several error indicators appear when a phone number entry cannot be validated.

  • An invalid phone number has a wavy underline.

  • The Edit button for an invalid number has a dotted outline.

  • An error indicator flashes.


Error Indicator

The error indicator appears next to the Validate button associated with an invalid phone number.

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