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Report a Problem

Requirements: The Problem Reporter security right enables you to report a problem.

The Report a Problem option enables you to report a problem to your support representative. The Problem Reporter automatically creates an email message and addresses it to your designated representative. The Problem Reporter also uploads a copy of your CIC client logs and, optionally, a screen capture of your desktop to your organization's CIC server.

Tip: For more information about accessing technical support, submitting product or documentation feedback, or request enhancements, see Feedback and PureConnect Customer Care.

To report a problem:

  1. From the Help menu, choose Report a Problem.

Result: The Problem Reporter dialog box appears.

  1. In the Subject text box, type a short description of the problem.

Note: This text becomes the subject line of the email sent to the support representative.

  1. In Description, describe the problem in greater detail. Supply other useful information or comments.

  2. Optionally, clear the Include screen capture in the problem report check box.

Tip: Clear this check box if sensitive information appears on your desktop or if you have other security concerns about a screen capture.

  1. Click Submit.

Result: An email message is sent to your designated support representative. A copy of your CIC client logs and, optionally, a screen capture of your desktop, is uploaded to your CIC server.