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Interaction Desktop Help

Important: Customer Interaction Center (CIC) supports two interaction management client applications. This documentation uses the term "CIC client" to refer to either Interaction Connect or Interaction Desktop. CIC client also refers to the PureConnect Integration to Oracle Service Cloud. The full product name appears at the top of each help topic. The full product name may also be used in a help topic when necessary to distinguish between CIC clients.

Requirements: See CIC System Software Requirements, CIC System Hardware Requirements and Licensing.

Welcome to CIC client, a powerful interaction management application for desktop or laptop PCs. The CIC client offers more functionality than your telephone. Use it to manage your electronic communications, including phone calls, voice mail, conference calls, ACD routed email messages, and web chats.

For more information about some of the most frequently used CIC client features, see:

Note: The CIC client lets you log on to only one station at a time for security reasons. If you log on to a different station, the system drops the original station connection. You receive a message at the original station stating "Your connection has been dropped due to a subsequent logon to a different station". You can run multiple instances of CIC client on the same machine using different user credentials and the same station.

Need Help?

Click Help > Getting Started to display help for the framework. This includes help for creating and configuring workspaces and views.

Click Help > CIC client to display help for CIC client features and views.

Note: A printable version of the CIC client help is available on the Genesys website at

Using the Search Feature

You can search for specific terms in the help. There is a basic search and an advanced search available from the Search tab.

A basic search is simple: just type whatever single word or phrase you want to search, press Enter or click the List Topics button (HTML version only). A list of topics containing that word or phrase appears. When searching for a phrase, use quotation marks to enclose the phrase. For example, use “directory toolbar” to return only topics that contain that exact phrase.

Some basic facts

  • All the words you enter in the search box are used in the query.

  • The search is always case-insensitive. A search for [dtmf] is the same as a search for [DTMF].

  • Generally, punctuation is ignored, including @#$%^&()=+[]\ and other special characters.

An advanced search involves wildcard (HTML version only) and Boolean expressions. Wildcard expressions allow you to search for one or more characters using an asterisk or question mark. Wildcard search examples:

Search Term(s)



initial, initiate, etc.


123, 133, 143, etc.

Boolean searches involve the use of “OR”, “AND”, and “NOT”. Boolean search examples:

Search Term(s)


alert AND configuration

Topics containing both the words "alert" and "configuration"

conference OR chat

Topics containing the word “conference” or “chat” or both

speed NOT dial

Topics containing the word “speed” but not the word “dial”

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CIC 2020 R4, revised 11/08/2023