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Set Your Status

Status controls the announcement of your availability to people who call you. When your status is one of the "do not disturb" statuses, callers hear your status, such as "Bob Jones is out of town." Then they are directed to your voice mail to leave a message. Other CIC client users can view your status in the Company Directory or other directories that are set to display the Status column. If the Status column is not displayed, other CIC client users can view your status by right-clicking your name in the Company Directory.

Interaction Optimizer: Interaction Optimizer uses your status setting to track Real-Time Adherence to the published schedule. For more information, see Schedule Adherence.

To set your status from the My Status drop down list:

  1. Select a status from the My Status drop-down list.

Note: The My Status list displays all the available status settings. For more information, see Possible Status Values.

  1. Optionally, enter status details by clicking the Set Status details button next to the My Status drop-down list.

To set your status from your taskbar:

  1. Right-click the CIC client status icon in the Windows system task tray.

  2. Select a status from the list that appears.

Note: The list contains only your favorite status settings. If you haven't designated any favorite settings, the list is empty.

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