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Possible Status Values

Requirements: The View Status Message right controls which statuses can be employed by users in specific workgroups, users assigned certain roles, or even individual users. These status filters determine the status settings available when you Set Your Status or Set Another User’s Status.

The icons that appear for each status are configured in Interaction Administrator and may have been changed by your CIC administrator.

Note: Customer Interaction Center can automatically assign some status settings, such as "Available, Not Answering Calls." You cannot select one of these automatic statuses; they do not appear in the My Status drop-down list.

Tip: You can record status-based messages to play to callers. For more information, see Personal Prompts Options.

The default status values are:

ACD - Agent Not Answering

At a Training Session

At Lunch


Available, Follow-Me

This person is available at one of the numbers on a follow-me list. The caller can leave a message or use follow-me routing to find the person and transfer the call.

Available, Forward

This person is available at a designated remote number.

Available, No ACD

This person is available for all non-ACD interactions.

Away From Desk

Do Not Disturb

Follow Up

Gone Home

In a Meeting

On Vacation

Out of the Office

Out of Town

Working at Home

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