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View Another User’s Status

Requirements: You need the View Directory Status Columns Access Control right to all or selected Status columns to enable you to add Status columns to a directory view. The View Directory Status Columns Access Control right also determines whether you can view a user’s status in the directory shortcut menu.

You can determine if a person is available to take a call by checking that user’s status. Status information appears in the Status column of the Company Directory or workgroup directory. Or, you can right-click the user’s name. The user shortcut menu shows the user availability status.

Note: Customer Interaction Center tracks status information for users on different CIC servers. If the connection to the server that tracks this information is temporarily unavailable, the text in the Status column appears faded. If you point your mouse to one of these status entries, a tooltip appears indicating the status may not be up-to-date.

Tip: You can add the Status or Status Summary columns to your Company Directory view.

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