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Customer Interaction Center (CIC) supports an automated switchover system. If a CIC server ever fails, in less than 30 seconds the server can switch control to another mirror image CIC server with minimal phone disruption. In addition, administrators can manually switch the “active” CIC server with no phone disruption. It takes from 90 to 150 seconds for the CIC client to reconnect.

Note: The SMS Interaction Recovery Enabled server parameter controls whether ACD-routed SMS text messages are recovered after a switchover. Agents initiate text messages by selecting Actions > Send Text Message. The Call Interaction Recovery server parameter controls whether agent-initiated SMS text messages are recovered. The Call Interaction Recovery parameter requires special flags for the IonNotifier parameter. For more information on Switchover configuration, see the Interaction Administrator help, the Call Recovery Feature Technical Reference, and the CIC Automated Switchover System Technical Reference.

If a switchover occurs, CIC client users see a notification in the status bar. However you do not need to log on again after a switchover occurs.

Note: CIC may disconnect your current call during a switchover.

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