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Status Bar

The status bar has sections that display your current connection state, server name, station name, voicemail indicator and notifications.


Connection state

If disconnected, click this section to reconnect. If connected, point to this section to display your CIC User ID, CIC server name, and Session Manager server name. A lock icon indicates that the connection is encrypted.


Remote number

Displays the name of your currently active workstation or your Remote Number.

Note: If you are using a Dynamic Remote Client Connection, the display version of your remote telephone number appears here. If you are using a Configured Remote Station, the phone number entered by the CIC administrator appears here.

The display version of a phone number is the result of conforming your phone number entry to the requirements of the dial plan for your organization or region.

Tip: Click this section to change stations.


Voice mail indicator

If you have one or more unheard voice mail messages, this icon is in color. If the icon is dimmed, you do not have any voice mail messages.


Show in Mini Mode

To display the CIC client in Mini Mode, click this control.


Notification area

This scrolling list displays your current notifications. For more information, see Supervisor Client Memos.

Tip: Point to this area to display a tooltip that lists all your notifications.

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