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Use Response Management During a Chat Session

Requirements: You need the Response Management Security right to use Response Management.

You use stored responses to avoid typing the same information over and over again. You can select a response and include it in a chat.

There are some limits to the use of stored responses in chats. Chat interactions are conducted in plain text. Stored responses that contain formatted text are converted to plain text when used in a chat. Hyperlinks and images in a stored response are not sent as part of a chat reply. However, you can use responses containing macros in a chat. You cannot transfer a file during an internal chat with other CIC client users. However, you can send text containing the file path to other CIC client users. You can send a file to a visitor who starts a chat session from your company’s website. For more information, see Transfer a File During a Web Chat.

To use a stored response when participating in a chat:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the Response Management view, search for and then select an appropriate response. Click Insert.

    • In the Chat window, expand the Favorite Responses section and double-click a favorite response.

    • In the Chat window, expand the Responses section, search for and then select an appropriate response. Click Insert.

    Tip: You can use full-text searching by entering terms in the Search text box in the Responses section. A context-based search occurs automatically, based on the last five words you typed in the chat. For more information, see Search for a Response.

Tip: For more information, see Use a Response Shortcut.

    • You can also drag and drop responses to the Composition area.

Result: The response appears in the Composition area of the selected Chat. You can edit the response before it is included the Chat.

  1. Make any necessary changes to the response and then click Send.

Result: The response appears in the Conversation area of the Chat window or the Chat View. The other chat participants see your response. When a hyperlink is included in a Response Management item and then added to a Chat session, the hyperlink appears as a clickable link. If the response is a file, external Chat participants see a link to the file which has been copied to a temporary directory on the CIC server.

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