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Use Response Management in an Email Message

Requirements: See Working with Response Management for information about required rights.

You use stored responses to avoid typing the same information over and over again. You can search for a stored response and insert it in an email reply or a forwarded email message.

To use a stored response when replying to or forwarding an email message:

  1. Do one of the following:

Tip: For more information, see Use a Response Shortcut.

Tip: You can use full-text searching by entering terms in the Search text box in the Response Management view or the Responses section. For more information, see Search for a Response.

Result: The response is inserted in the email message.

    • If the response is a file, an Attached box appears and displays the name of the attached file. A progress bar appears while a large file is being attached.

    • If the response is a message, the text appears in the email response section. When you use a stored response created with the Inherited font, it adopts the font and font characteristics (size, color, and so on) of the text immediately preceding it in your email message.  However, when you insert a response that has a selected font and other font characteristics, then the stored response appears as originally formatted. For more information, see Create Personal Responses.

Note: To use the information indirectly when composing a reply to an email message, click the Preview button for a selected Response.

  1. Make any necessary changes or additions and then click Send.

Note: For more information about replying to ACD-routed email messages, see Reply to an E-mail Message and Send an E-mail Message.

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