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Email Window for Outgoing Messages

You use this Email window to either respond to an ACD-routed email message or start an email interaction on behalf of a workgroup.

Note: The Email window used to view an ACD-routed email message provides some different tools and options. See also Email Window for Incoming Messages.



Use these menus to perform various actions during or after composing an email reply.



The toolbar contains buttons for most of the functions for managing an email reply.

Tip: Keyboard shortcuts are also available for these functions and are listed on the View menu. Keyboard shortcuts are available many of the actions on the other menus. You also control whether the toolbar is displayed and which buttons appear.  For more information, see Configure Email Windows.



To, Cc, Bcc



This area contains the standard email message address fields.

  • The To field defaults to the sender of the original email message. Click the To button to add additional addresses.

Note: Responses to messages sent with an alternate "Reply-To" address are delivered to that address. If you selected Reply All, replies are delivered to the "Reply-To" address and all of the original recipients, but not to the sender’s original address.

  • Subject defaults to the subject of the original email message.

Note: Subject is limited to 1024 characters in the CIC client. However, many email clients have much smaller limits so the recipient may see a truncated subject line.

  • The Attached box displays the names of attached files. The Attached button enables you to attach additional files.

Note: The Attached box and Attached button appear in the Email window only after you use File > Insert Attachment to attach at least one file.


Formatting toolbar

Note: There are two versions of the editing toolbar: the MSHTML and Telerik toolbars. Your CIC administrator determines which version is available to you. For a description of these toolbars, see Reply to an HTML Email Message.

The text formatting toolbar appears in the E-mail Reply window under certain conditions:

  • If the original ACD-routed email message is formatted using HTML, you have the option of using text formatting tools in your email reply. For a description of the available tools, see Reply to an HTML Email Message.

  • If you are creating an email message to send on behalf of a workgroup, the text formatting tools are always available to you.

  • If the original email message was sent in plain text (no formatting), the Email Reply window does not include a text formatting bar. Your email reply is sent in plain text.



Compose your reply to the email message here.

You can:


Original Email

The original ACD-routed email message appears here.


Status bar

The Status bar displays the ID number, duration and state of the interaction. For more information, see Queue Contents.


Sidebar area

The appearance of the sidebar area can vary based on your user rights. It contains controls and information that are related to the email reply.


Account Code

Some companies categorize interactions by customer. If you have the appropriate rights, you can assign an Account code to an email reply.



Use the Notes section to add notes or comments about your email reply. The recipients of the email reply message do not see these notes.

Note: These notes are visible to other CIC client users who are "Listening to" (monitoring) this email reply. For more information, see Monitor an Email Message and Reply.


Splitter Bar

If you prefer not to see the sidebar area, click the splitter to hide that part of the email reply window. Click the splitter again to restore the sidebar area.


Add a Note icon

Click this icon to open the Notes text box and add a note to the chat.



Locate and use a pre-defined system-wide or personal response. For more information, see Use Response Management in an Email Message.

Note: Response Management is not available in the PureConnect Integration to Oracle Service Cloud.


Favorite Responses

A list of your favorite personal responses appears here. Double-click a favorite response to use it in your reply. For more information about designating some of your personal responses as favorites, see Manage Favorite Responses.

Note: Response Management is not available in the PureConnect Integration to Oracle Service Cloud.

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