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Visual controls in Supervisor views

The visual controls commonly used in Interaction Supervisor views are listed in the table below.



The Expander control opens or closes a region within a view to display or hide information.

Statistic Controls display statistics and automatically update the view when the value of a statistic changes, when alerts are triggered, or when the value of the statistic no longer triggers an alert.

Queue controls appear in views that display information about lines or queues, to provide details about interactions. Queue controls may also allow supervisory call actions to be performed on a selected item. 

Where applicable, Call Action Controls allow a supervisor to listen, coach the agent, record an interaction, join a conference, and perform basic telephony operations.

Chart controls are used in graph views to render statistics as column, bar, or line graphs.

Workgroup Directory controls display the status of individual workgroup members, such as each person's name, time in status, logged in state, skills, and so on.