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What's New

CIC 2018 R5

Added Social Conversation and Social Direct Message to available Media Types you can use when searching for interactions.  For more information, see Interaction Details view.

CIC 2018 R2

Updated documentation to reflect Genesys branding and lexicon.

CIC 2015 R1

Updated documentation to reflect changes required in the transition from version 4.0 SU# to CIC 2015 R1, such as updates to product version numbers, system requirements, installation procedures, references to Product Information site URLs, and copyright and trademark information.

CIC 2015 R2

Several improvements were made to the Interaction Details dialog.

  • New Previous/Next buttons which enable you to navigate to the previous and next interaction records found in the Interaction Details view search results.

  • The Recording indicator now includes a control that enables you to playback interaction records.

  • A Secure Input icon can appear which indicates how many time the agent transferred the interaction to the IVR for secured input from the caller.

CIC 2016 R3

We added a new check box, All Sites, to the search criteria in the Interaction Details view. This check box enables you to expand your search to all the CIC used by your company, not just the site you are logged on. For more information, see Data that the user can view.

CIC 2016 R4

We added two new interaction attributes: tPark and nPark. See InteractionSummary Table.