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Welcome to Interaction Marquee

Welcome to Interaction Marquee, your call center statistics collection, delivery, and display application.

What is Interaction Marquee?

Using specially configured packages, Interaction Marquee can tap into a Customer Interaction Center (CIC) server to collect statistics and deliver them to a number of different devices where they can be displayed in near real-time. More specifically, these packages can be configured to collect any of the statistics that are available on a CIC server including information about agents, workgroups, queues, licenses, Email, faxes, and much more. These packages can then be configured to display the statistical data on any number of devices such as wallboards, LED screens, monitors, or smartphones, as well as in most common Web browsers. The packages can then deliver the statistical data to these different devices.

You will use Interaction Marquee's Package Wizard to create these packages. For some devices, the Package Wizard can create the complete package. For other devices, additional files are required to properly configure the package. For the person with the right skill set, creating these additional files, which define the statistics to be collected as well as define the display parameters for the appropriate device, is a fairly straightforward procedure. These files are then assembled, via the Package Wizard, into packages that are ready to be delivered to the appropriate device or application.

Other Documentation

Keep in mind that you will only be able to access Interaction Marquee from within Interaction Web Portal if your user role is set to Master Administrator.