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Troubleshoot connections errors

Description of error



You are kicked out of PureConnect for Salesforce and returned to the login page, you see this error: "Your connection to the server was lost. Please try again."

Lost network connection

Check the Internet connection on your computer or reset your router. Contact your IP provider or IT department if you are still experiencing network issues.

Slow network or proxy

If your network connection or your proxy is too slow, the connection might time out and log you out of the application.

Server switchover occurred

If using the default IC login (not SSO), you are logged out whenever a server switchover occurs. Log in again to start a new session.

Side-by-side login to CIC client without running a second CIC server

If you log in to the CIC client after selecting a station in PureConnect for Salesforce, PureConnect for Salesforce kicks you off, and you must reenter your password. To avoid this problem in the future, configure a second CIC server in the call center definition for switchover. Or, log in to the CIC client first.

Session expired due to inactivity

If you navigate away from PureConnect for Salesforce for an amount of time that exceeds the timeout on the CIC server, you will be logged out. Log in again to start a new session.

If this happens frequently, contact your CIC administrator to increase the server timeout.

You cannot log in at all, and you see this error: “Unable to retrieve single sign on settings.”

SSO is disabled in CIC

Ask your CIC system administrator to enable SSO, even if you only have one identity provider.

Credential pop-up is not displaying

Pop-ups are blocked in your browser

Enable pop-ups in your browser to always be allowed for this site.

You are on an unsupported version of CIC

Ensure that you are running the latest patch of CIC 2015 R2 or later release.

After entering credentials, the authentication pop-up goes blank and never logs you in.

Reverse proxy domain is different from CIC domain

Add a custom reverse proxy route to your web proxy. See the CIC Web Applications Installation and Configuration Guide for full details on setting up the web proxy.

You see a blank login screen with no login options.

SSO identity providers are not enabled in CIC

In Interaction Administrator, go to System Configuration > Configuration > Connection Security tab > Configure logon authentication link. Enable Allow single sign-in authentication. For Windows authentication, enable Allow manual entry of Windows authentication credentials. For CIC authentication, enable Allow IC authentication.