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Change station

PureConnect for Salesforce uses the same stations as the CIC clients. You can only change stations in PureConnect for Salesforce when it is running on its own. As soon as you open a side-by-side CIC client, the option to change stations is only available in the CIC client. When you log in to the CIC client before PureConnect for Salesforce, the station is synced across both applications. When you change stations in the CIC client, your station automatically updates in PureConnect for Salesforce.

To change your station in PureConnect for Salesforce:

  1. Click the Profile icon in the upper-right corner.

  1. Click the Change Station (pencil) icon.

  1. In the Select Station dialog box, select the type of station and supply any other needed information. For more information, see Log in or Log in with a Web-based phone. Stations already associated with other users are not available.

  2. Select Remember Station to auto-log in to this station when this agent logs in.

  3. To proceed with the selected station, click Select.