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Web-based phone

The Web-Based Phone feature enables PureConnect for Salesforce  users to use a web browser on a computer as a SIP telephone using WebRTC as the communication protocol. The Web-Based Phone eliminates the need to distribute, install, and configure a physical IP telephone for each agent or user, or to install a SIP soft phone application on PCs.

User requirements

  • Your Genesys Cloud Telephony Administrator must assign you an extension number from a Genesys Cloud extension pool.

    Note: The Web-Based Phone Configuration Wizard available in Interaction Administrator creates extension pools and assigns extension numbers automatically. For more information, see Configure Web-based phone feature.

Workstation requirements

  • Speakers and microphone (or headset)

  • Supported web browser

    Note: Internet Explorer does not support WebRTC phones.

    • Google Chrome - version 47 or higher

    • Mozilla Firefox - version 44 or higher

CIC requirements

  • Genesys Cloud Communicate integration license for CIC

  • Genesys Cloud Edge appliance

  • CIC 2017 R4, CIC 2017 R3 Patch 5 or later, or CIC 2017 R2 Patch 10 or later for on-premise CIC or PureConnect Cloud/CaaS.