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Access a purchased connector

Notice: The Salesforce Object Routing Server is a replacement for the Salesforce Object Routing Connector. It eliminates the need for the PureCloud Bridge Server. Genesys will not support the PureCloud Bridge Server after January 1, 2021. To use the new Salesforce Object Routing Server, customers must use CIC 2018 R4 or a later release. For more information, see the Salesforce Object Routing Server help.

To access the connector:

  1. Follow the instructions in an older version of the documentation, PureCloud for CIC Administrators Guide,to install the Bridge Server

  2. Open a Genesys Cloud support ticket to request the activation of the connector for the Genesys Cloud organization. Include the email address and company name used for the Genesys Cloud organization.

  3. Genesys Cloud Product Management will enable the purchased connector.

  4. Begin setting up the connector in Genesys Cloud.