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Requirements for the Salesforce Object Routing Connector

Prerequisite: Before setup, purchase the connector and then follow the steps to access it (login required).

PureCloud Bridge

  • a PureCloud organization with a Bridge Server

  • an instance of the connector configured for that Bridge Server

  • login credentials set in the connector configuration

  • all non-optional fields filled out in the connector configuration

Note: The year and release in the connector name indicates the minimum supported version of the CIC server. For example, a connector with 2015R2 in the name requires a CIC server that is 2015R2 or newer.


  • a running Customer Interaction Center (CIC) server

  • a user with rights to:

    • View, Modify, Monitor, & Search for all Workgroup Queues
    • View, Modify, Monitor, & Search for all Station Queues
    • View, Modify, Monitor, & Search for all Line Queues
    • View, Modify, Monitor, & Search for all User Queues
    • View access for all Workgroups

    NOTE: Standard CIC agents do not need special permissions to use the Salesforce Object Routing Connector.

  • Use this user for ICAdminUser in the connector configuration.


  • Email-to-Case enabled in your Salesforce organization

    Under Build in Salesforce, select Customize > Cases > Email-to-Case.

  • a user with administrator rights in Salesforce who:

    • can access the cases that the queue owns

    • use the API

    • has appropriate access to PushTopics

    Use this user for SalesforceUser in the connector configuration.

  • agents need:

    • access to cases

    • to be members in a queue

    • a Salesforce integration client (CIC for Salesforce)

Note: Salesforce agents can use the standard (default) user profile in Salesforce.