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CIC and SOAP API Developer's Guide overview


SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is an XML-based protocol specification that defines how information can be exchanged between computers. SOAP supplies the conventions used to invoke methods on servers, services, components and objects. This document introduces XML/SOAP concepts and explains how SOAP facilitates robust data interactions between CIC and remote web services. SOAP supplies the conventions used to invoke methods on remote servers, services, components and objects.

This publication is for managers, technical implementers, and other decision-makers who need to understand the practical implications of SOAP technology in the CIC environment. The introduction is written for a general audience who may not be familiar with XML or SOAP technology. Subsequent sections of this document guide technical implementers through the process of preplanning, installing and configuring the SOAP ISAPI Listener Task and SOAP Notifier COM Components. Instructions for using the SOAP Tracer utility are also provided.

Organization of Material

This documentation is divided into logical, easy-to-digest sections that gradually introduce concepts and specific product features. To fully understand the material, we recommend that you read topics in order. However, most topics are hyperlinked for those who prefer to read in non-linear fashion.

Related Documentation

  1. CIC and SOAP API Developer's Guide (this document). This paper provides primers on SOAP and XML, and discusses the components that must be installed to implement SOAP functionality in CIC.

  2. Interaction Center SOAP Listener Setup installs SOAP ISAPI components on an IIS server. We highly recommend that you read Install and Configure SOAP ISAPI Listener before running the install.

  3. The SOAP Notifier COM Components Install installs and registers component software used by developers to create high-performance SOAP applications.

  4. SOAP Notifier COM setup optionally installs the SOAP Notifier COM API Developer's Guide (Soap_Notifier_COM_API_DG.chm). This windows help file cross-references the interfaces, methods, and properties exposed by SOAP Notifier COM objects.

  5. SOAP Tools are documented in Interaction Designer help. These help topics appear when a SOAP tool or toolstep has focus and the F1 key is pressed in Interaction Designer.

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