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CIC Integration with SAP Architecture and Installation Requirements

The architecture of the CIC Integration with SAP makes deployment simple because it runs in one location at the server level instead of on each client workstation. The benefits of this approach include having only a single installation location and the ease of applying maintenance releases.

The integration server sits between SAP and CIC. The integration is a Windows service that starts when the integration server starts. Multiple Windows services can communicate to multiple CIC servers and multiple SAP servers at the same time. On smaller implementations with fewer than 25 agents, the integration is typically installed directly on the SAP servers—only if the SAP servers are on Windows-based platforms.

The SAP server sets the connection to the integration server using an RFC connection defined inside SAP. The integration is in listen-only mode, waiting for the first SOAP request from SAP. You do not configure SAP server connection details anywhere within the integration itself.

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