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Configure CIC Server Options

CIC Server Configuration is where an administrator can configure the LDAP credentials, CIC server credentials, and Live Smooth Streaming (IIS Media Services) default settings. These settings are normally configured by an administrator the first time Interaction Web Portal is used. For more information, refer to the Interaction Web Portal and Interaction Marquee Installation and Configuration Guide.

Accessing CIC Server Configuration

To access CIC Server Configuration, click Portal Management in the Interaction Web Portal footer, and then select IC Server Configuration from the drop-down list.

LDAP Credentials

You must provide an authorized user name and password to log in to the LDAP server before you can update the CIC server configuration settings.

To specify the login credentials for the LDAP server:

  1. In the User and Password boxes, specify the authorized LDAP login credentials.

  2. Click Logon.

CIC Servers

After successfully logging on, you need to specify the names and credentials for the CIC servers.

To specify CIC server names and credentials, do one of the following:

    • To add a new CIC server name, click <new> in the IC server names list.

    • To modify the credentials for an existing server, select the server from the IC server names list.

    • To delete a server, select the server name from the list, and then click Delete.

Live Smooth Streaming (IIS Media Services) Settings

Live Smooth Streaming is necessary for streaming of call recordings. You must specify the default publishing point share and URL. Note that these settings can be overridden by an organization's Live Smooth Streaming settings.

To set the Live Smooth Streaming Settings:

  1. In the Publishing point share field, specify the path to the the location where the files are to be stored.

  2. In the Publishing point URL field, specify the URL for the location from which the recording files are to be retrieved.

  3. Click Finish.