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Post Announcements

Interaction Web Portal allows announcements at both the system level and the organization level. System-level announcements are displayed for all portal users. Organization-level announcements are only displayed for users from that organization.

Post an announcement for an organization

An administrator can post an organization's announcement on the Announcements tab under Portal Management.

New organization announcements are indicated on the Home page of the portal by a Messages heading bar and the number of new messages. Once an announcement is viewed, the Messages heading bar changes colors and the number is no longer displayed.

To post an organization announcement:

  1. On the Annoucements tab in Portal Management, click Add Announcement.

  2. In the Title box, specify a descriptive name for the message.

  3. In the Message box, type the message contents.

  4. Select the Begin and End dates and times for the message to appear.

  5. Click Save to save your changes or click another tab to make more changes for the same organization. If you click a different organization before you save your changes to the current organization, the portal notifies you that the organization has changed and asks you to confirm the changes before continuing to the newly selected organization.

Post a System Announcement

You can also manage system announcements in Portal Management, but they are independent of organizations.

To post a system announcement:

  1. In Portal Management, select System Announcements from the drop-down list.

  2. Click Add System Announcement.

  1. In the Add system announcement dialog box, type a name for the announcement, and then click OK.
    The System Announcement page appears in Portal Management and the announcement name appears in the Title box.

  2. In the Message box, type the announcement content.

  3. Select the Begin and End dates and times for the message to appear.

  4. Click Save.