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Set Call Monitoring Options

Call monitoring options affect the behavior of the Call Monitoring portlet. An administrator can configure call monitoring options from the Monitoring tab under Portal Management.

Monitored Workgroups

Under Monitored Workgroups, select the workgroups to monitor from the Assigned Workgroups list and then click Add >> to move them to the Monitored Workgroups list.

Or, to remove one or more workgroups from the Monitored Workgroups list, select those workgroups and then click << Remove.

Monitored Classifications

By default, users can only monitor calls on local or intercom calls. Under Monitored Classifications, you can specify the classifications by which users in the organization can monitor calls.

Select each classification that you want to allow.

Note: If you want to monitor calls through a SIP line, you must select the SIP Calls check box.

Monitor Settings

In the Consecutive Calls to Monitor box, specify the number of calls to monitor.

Under Available Call Attributes, select the attributes to use for the monitored calls.

Save Your Changes

Click Save to save your changes, or click on an another tab to make more changes for the same organization.

If you click on a different organization before you save your changes to the current organization, the portal notifies you that the organization has changed and asks you to confirm the changes before continuing to the newly selected organization.