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Set Reporting Options

An administrator can configure the following reporting options on the Reportings tab under Portal Management.

Note: Schedule Reports is required and you must create reports for them to appear in the Available Reports list.

Enabling or Disabling the Reporting Portlet

If an organization does not plan to use the Reporting portlet, you can hide it.

Do one of the following:

  • To hide the Reporting portlet, clear the Enabled check box.

  • To show the portlet, select the Enabled check box.

Report Selection

From the Available Reports list, select the reports that the organization can access, and then click Add >> to move them to the Selected Reports list.

Or, to remove access to one or more reports, select the reports from the Selected Reports list and then click << Remove.

Save Your Changes

Click Save to save your changes or click on an another tab to make more changes for the same organization.

If you click on a different organization before you save your changes to the current organization, the portal notifies you that the organization has changed and asks you to confirm the changes before continuing to the newly selected organization.