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Monitor Agents on Live Calls

Interaction Web Portal allows you to monitor agents on live calls, if you have the portal live monitor access control permission.  

Supervisors typically monitor live calls to analyze agents' performance.

When a supervisor wants to monitor calls, Interaction Web Portal calls the supervisor on their phone, and then connects the call to the queue and agent.

A call can only be monitored if it is a new call or has been connected less than two seconds. This is because the greeting is an important part of monitoring the call.

To monitor calls on a queue:

  1. In the Call Monitoring portlet, or on the Call Monitoring page,  select the name of the workgroup queue to monitor from the Workgroup list.

  2. In the Call me at field, specify your extension or phone number.

  3. Click Start.
    The Monitor Status changes to
    Calling, and Interaction Web Portal calls you back momentarily.  

  4. Pick up the call.
    The Monitor Status changes to Waiting for call to enter workgroup, and hold music plays until a call enters the queue.

  5. Click Disconnect when you are ready to end call monitoring, or wait for the call to end. Hold music plays again until another call enters the queue.

As of CIC 4.0 SU4, you can also do any of the following:

Note: The time-out for all call operations defaults to five seconds. An optional server parameter is available to control time-outs for the various call operations.  The IWPCallMonitoringOperationTimeouts parameter specifies time-outs in milliseconds. You can use a single value, such as 10000, to apply to all call operations, or specify pipe-delimited values for the operations in this order: