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Transfer Process JavaScript

Blind Transfer:

function BlindTransfer(p_RecipentPhNum) {

    // Assign the recipient phone number     IS_Action_Transfer.recipient = p_RecipentPhNum;
    // Designate that this is not a consult transfer     IS_Action_Transfer.consult = false;
    // Apply the transfer; }

Consult transfer:

function ConsultTransfer(p_Number) {

    // Create a new scripter call object     var p_mCallObj = scripter.createCallObject();
    // Prompt the agent to call the recipient     var iRes1 = confirm("Would you like to call the 3rd party?");     // user selected OK, so let's call the 3rd party     if (iRes1) {
        // Dial the recipient         p_mCallObj.dial(p_Number, false);
        // set up the consult transfer         IS_Action_Transfer.consult = true;
        // set up the recipient call object to match the person just consulted         IS_Action_Transfer.recipient =;
        // prompt the agent to transfer         var iRes2 = confirm("Press OK when you are ready to transfer the call");
        // Transfer call to third party         if (iRes2) {    = IS_ATTR_CallID.value;
            // pick up the call, it is probably on hold             scripter.callObject.pickup();
            // now execute the consult transfer that has been set up   ;
        } else {             // they did not want to transfer, so lets disconnect the 3rd party             //call and pick up the original call             //disconnect 3rd party call             p_mCallObj.disconnect();
            // pick up original call    = IS_ATTR_CallID.value;             scripter.callObject.pickup();         }     } }