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Adding an ACD Email Routing Mailbox

Use this page to add an ACD email routing mailbox.


Click the browse button to open the Mailbox Selection dialog box.

Use this mailbox to send outgoing emails

Select this check box to use this mailbox when an agent sends an email message through the CIC clients to a workgroup queue. This outbound email interaction is tracked similar to the way in which an inbound email interaction is tracked in CIC.

Use this mailbox to receive emails

Select this check box to receive workgroup queue emails in this mailbox.

Inbound Folder

Select the folder for routed email from the list. This is the receiving folder in the associated mailbox. CIC polls the inbox every few seconds to see if a new email has entered.

Allow to Receive Encrypted Email

Select this option to support the use of the S/MIME type in email. Selecting this check box enables support of email encryption, but other configuration, such as installing certificates, is necessary. For more information see CIC Security Concepts in the Technical Reference Documents section of the PureConnect Documentation Library.

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