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Create or Expand a Conference Call by Adding Parties

You can add any directory contact to an existing call and create a conference call. You can then add additional parties by selecting other contacts and adding them to the conference call. The CIC client automatically dials the selected parties and adds them to the conference call as soon as they answer the telephone.

Conference participants can be internal, for example other CIC client users listed in the Company Directory. Or they can be external, for example personal contacts listed in your Outlook Private Contacts directory.

Your CIC administrator controls whether conference participants hear ringing, a voice mail greeting, or other sounds while new parties are being contacted. Or new conference call parties can be added to the existing conference call as soon as they answer the telephone.

To create or expand a Conference Call by adding parties:

  1. Dial the number of a participant in the conference call.

Result: The interaction appears in My Interactions.

  1. After the call connects, select the next party for the conference call from a directory view.

Note: You do not need to put the call on hold before adding new parties to the conference.

  1. In the Directory toolbar, click Conference.

Result: The calls are now connected to each other and a conference call is created. The parties can talk to each other. The resulting conference call remains on hold.

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add additional parties.

  2. Select the conference call to join the conference.

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