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Drag and Drop Transfer to a Speed Dial Entry

You can drag and drop calls onto a speed dial entry, making the transfer of calls much quicker and more efficient.

To transfer by dragging a call onto a speed dial entry:

  1. Tell the caller that the caller is going to be transferred.

  2. If it is not already open, click a speed dial tab and scroll (or search) until you can see the name of the transfer recipient.

  3. Select and drag the call from My Interactions to the name in the Speed Dial view.

  4. In the Transfer Interaction dialog box, click Yes.

Result: The caller is placed on hold, and the recipient’s telephone rings. The call disappears from your My Interactions queue. If the transfer recipient is a CIC client user, the call appears as a notifying call in the transfer recipient’s My Interactions.

Operator Console: Operator Console users can click an enabled hyperlink in a speed dial entry to transfer the currently selected interaction to that contact.

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