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Listen to a Call

Requirements: See Listen.

Choose this option to start continuous monitoring of a call in a queue. This feature enables a monitoring party to listen to both sides of a call. It is available on user or station queues and My Interactions, if you have the appropriate rights.

All calls in monitored queues alert you (ring, pop and Desktop Alerts) in a similar fashion to calls in My Interactions. These calls also appear in the Call History view.

To listen to a call in a queue:

  1. Select the My Interactions or other queue tab.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click a call in the queue and choose Listen In from the menu that appears.

    • Select a call and then click the Listen button.

Note: When you listen to a call, a line below the call displays the Listen icon.

Warning: Genesys disclaims any responsibility for end-user or licensee to comply with federal or state law restrictions regarding Record, Snip, or Listen capabilities of CIC software. The licensee hereby warrants and represents that the end-user or licensee will use the product in compliance with any federal or state law.

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