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Secure Input

Requirements: Your CIC administrator must enable and configure the Secure Input feature and make it available to one of the workgroups to which you belong. To use the Secure Input feature, you need the Initiate Secure Input Security Right. The "Secure Input" Interaction Command Right determines if the Secure Input button can appear on a toolbar. It also controls whether the Secure Input command appears on a shortcut menu or is available via a keyboard shortcut. The CIC administrator assigns Secure Input Forms to selected workgroups. To use a specific Secure Input form, you need the View Workgroup Access Control Right for the workgroup to which it belongs.

Secure input separates and encrypts data to protect it from theft or misuse. It protects the customer’s audio and prevents accidental recording of confidential information. It also protects this secure data from access. Secure input creates a secure session that is separate from the customer-agent interaction. It collects the confidential information from the customer, validates it with the appropriate web service, ends the secure session, and returns both customer and agent to the main interaction.

For example, an external customer makes an inbound call. At some point in the interaction, the customer is ready to provide credit card information. You click the Secure Input button to start a secure session. At that point, audio between agent and customer separates:

  • You hear "hold music" to indicate that the call is still connected. When the call reconnects agent with customer, the CIC client alerts you.

  • The customer navigates an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and provides credit card information. Customer Interaction Center sends the information to the credit card issuer for validation. At the end of the IVR, Customer Interaction Center re-establishes the audio between the customer and you. It informs both customer and you of the outcome (success or failure, with a tracking number and reason for any failure).

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