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CX Insights Overview

Understand the current state of your contact center with CX Insights, a web-based data visualization application that allows you to view and analyze real-time agent status and workgroup activity. The data displayed in CX Insights dashboard visualizations displays agent details for a workgroup, including the number of agents available, time in status, total interactions answered and completed, average handling times, and more.

Dashboard Visualizations

CX Insights agent dashboard visualizations help you monitor agent status and agent interaction details in real-time. Workgroup dashboard visualizations give supervisors a quick look at available agents and their current states.

 CX Insights dashboard filtering and sorting capabilities provide additional insight into waiting interactions and agents' current states. You can filter the data displayed in a dashboard to display only the information that you require. And you can filter at multiple levels, simultaneously filtering the data displayed on every visualization on the dashboard. For example, one visualization on a dashboard could contain a bar chart on agent time in status where you could filter on different workgroups, and another visualization could be a grid displaying abandon rate, which you could filter on media type and workgroup for a specific interval.  

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