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Interaction Recorder Configuration Options for AWS

The Interaction Recorder Cloud Services configuration options for Amazon S3 now support Amazon Web Services (AWS) Version 4 with region endpoint support.

Interaction Administrator AWS Configuration Options

In the Interaction Recorder container in Interaction Administrator, administrators can configure a regional endpoint for each Amazon S3 bucket. The configuration options appear on the Cloud Services Configuration tab.

S3 Keys Editing AWS Options

An administrator must select which region endpoint to associate with their S3 bucket configuration. Per the Amazon "AWS Regions and Endpoints" documentation, specifying a regional endpoint can help reduce data latency in the application when accessing or storing recordings with the AWS S3 service.

Interaction Recorder Policy Editor AWS Configuration Options

In Interaction Recorder Policy Editor, when configuring Amazon S3 buckets for the retention policy store media action, the administrator can specify the region endpoint for any Amazon S3 bucket.

AWS-Related Improvements

Improvements include:

  •  The ability to store recordings in Amazon S2 buckets as part of the retention policy storage location action.

  •  Improvements to the parallel processing of recordings for Amazon S3 storage operations. The improved processing results in less load on system resources and more efficient thread usage throughout Interaction Recorder and the Remote Content Servers.