The ININ.IceLib.Statistics namespace contains classes for watching and listening to Interaction Center statistics.

There are a number of classes within the ININ.IceLib.Statistics namespace that provide support to the classes mentioned in the preceding summary. Examples of the supporting classes are enumerations, event argument classes, and delegates used by events within classes.

The StatisticCatalog can be used to watch statistics. This watch will provide the details about the definition of the statistic, such as units, precision, name, and description. The StatisticListener can be used to listen to statistic values. This will retrieve the current value of the statistic of interest and send out events when that value changes.

For more information on getting started with statistics see Getting Started With Statistics.
For for the list of available statistics see Statistics Catalog.


The IceLib SDK includes example application references to the ININ.IceLib.Statistics namespace. Some examples are listed below.
TutorialExampleSystemStatisticsViewModel.cs, line 102, in SystemStatisticsViewModel.StartWatchingCatalogCompleted
SystemStatisticsViewModel.cs, line 64, in SystemStatisticsViewModel.SessionConnectionStateChanged
SystemStatisticsViewModel.cs, line 130, in SystemStatisticsViewModel.StatisticListenerStatisticValueUpdated
SystemStatisticsViewModel.cs, line 30, in SystemStatisticsViewModel.#ctor
StatisticCatalogViewModel.cs, line 153, in StatisticCatalogViewModel.SessionConnectionStateChanged
StatisticCatalogViewModel.cs, line 61, in StatisticCatalogViewModel.set_SelectedStatisticCategory
StatisticCatalogViewModel.cs, line 30, in StatisticCatalogViewModel.#ctor
StatisticCatalogViewModel.cs, line 236, in StatisticCatalogViewModel.StartWatchingCompleted
StatisticCatalogViewModel.cs, line 46, in StatisticCatalogViewModel.set_AvailableStatisticCategories
StatisticCatalogViewModel.cs, line 134, in StatisticCatalogViewModel.set_StatisticDefinitions
StatisticViewModel.cs, line 26, in StatisticViewModel.SetStatisticValue
StatisticViewModel.cs, line 9, in StatisticViewModel.#ctor


Public classAssociatedParameterSetDefinition
A collection of associated parameter types that define a valid parameter set for querying or watching a statistic value.
Public classAssociatedParameterSetQuery
Public classAssociatedParameterSetQueryEventArgs
Details for an event notifying of a change to the results for a watched AssociatedParameterSetQuery.
Public classAssociatedParameterSetValue
Values for a set of associated parameter types.
Public classDetailedParameterValue
ParameterValue with additional display string and description.
Public classDrillDown
Represents a drill down lookup. If this data is present, additional drill down data is present and can be queried with GetDrillDownData(Session, String).
Public classDrillDownData
Represents additional statistical information that can be retrieved via the drill down process. See DrillDown for how to access this data.
Public classDrillDownDataEntry
Represents a collection of data for a specified drill down.
Public classFilteredParameterQuery
Represents a query to retrieve a filtered list of the available values for a given parameter type.
Public classParameterQuery
Represents a query to list the available values for a given parameter type. ParameterQuery is used in ExecuteQuery(ParameterQuery) to define what is being queried.
Public classParameterQueryCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for asynchronous completed events of ParameterValuesDepot.
Public classParameterQueryResult
Represents the results from ExecuteQuery(ParameterQuery).
Public classParameterType
Defines the type of a parameter.
Public classParameterTypeDefinition
Represents additional details for a ParameterType object.
Public classParameterTypeId
The ID value of a ParameterType.
Public classParameterValue
Represents a parameter type and its value. A statistic parameter helps define which specific statistic is being dealt with. For example, an alert can be setup to trigger for a queue. Using a parameter, that alert can be defined to only apply to specific members of a workgroup.
Public classParameterValueEventArgs
Provides data for the ParameterValuesDepot changed, added and removed events.
Public classParameterValueKeyedCollection
Represents an ordered keyed collection of parameter types and their values.
Public classParameterValuesDepot
Represents a watched object used to query the valid parameters when making statistic values requests.
Public classRequiredParametersDefinition
Details information about the required parameter types that define a valid parameter set for a statistic value.
Public classStatisticBoolValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with data type.
Public classStatisticCatalog
Gateway to the definitions of available IC statistics.
Public classStatisticCatalogChangedEventArgs
Provides data for for the StatisticCatalogChanged event. This contains a list of objects that have been added or removed and a list of all objects that have changed.
Public classStatisticCategory
Specific constants identifying a grouping of statistic definitions.
Public classStatisticDefinition
Represents information about an IC statistic.
Public classStatisticDoubleValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with data type.
Public classStatisticDurationValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with data type.
Public classStatisticFiniteDurationValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with a data type that can be fixed or actively increasing.
Public classStatisticFutureDurationValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with data type that is duration until something will happen.
Public classStatisticIdentifier
Identifies a statistic.
Public classStatisticIntValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with data type.
Public classStatisticKey
Identifies a specific statistic value of interest.
Public classStatisticKeyTemplate
Represents a class to manipulate the contents of a StatisticKey.
Public classStatisticListener
Represents a watched object to query for IC statistics and listen for updates to those statistics.
Public classStatisticPercentValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with percentage values represented as a data type.
Public classStatisticsManager
Provides access to statistics.
Public classStatisticStatusMessageKeyValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with a time in status data type. Defines the length of time in status.
Public classStatisticStringValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with data type.
Public classStatisticTimeDurationValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with data type that is duration since something happened.
Public classStatisticTimeStampValue
The StatisticValue for statistics with data type.
Public classStatisticValue
Represents an abstract class statistic values are based on.
Public classStatisticValueUpdatedEventArgs
Provides data for StatisticValueUpdated event.
Public classValidateAssociatedParameterSetCompletedEventArgs
Public classValidatedAssociatedParameterSetValue
Represents an ordered set of ValidatedDetailedParameterValue.
Public classValidatedDetailedParameterValue
Represents the details for a ParameterValue from a request to validate a set of associated parameter values.



Public enumerationBoundValueType
Represents the type of boundary conditions a statistic may have.
Public enumerationParameterQueryResultStatus
Represents the status of a ParameterQueryResult.
Public enumerationStatisticDefinitionFlags
Additional flags that may be set to modify a statistic definition.
Public enumerationStatisticErrorValueType
Represents the error type of a statistic.
Public enumerationStatisticUnits
Defines the measurement units of a StatisticValue.
Public enumerationStatisticValueType
Represents the value type of a statistic.

Version Information

Supported for IC Server version 2015 R1 and beyond.
For 4.0, supported for IC Server version 4.0 GA and beyond.