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Shift Trading

Requirements: You need the Customize Client Security right to display the My Shift Trading view. For additional requirements, see Agent Optimizer Features and Requirements.

You can trade all or part of your scheduled shift with another agent. Your CIC administrator can set configuration options in ICBM to control or limit shift changes. These configuration options include:

  • Business rules can automatically approve some trades. For example, your CIC administrator can allow automatic approval for trades of the same amount of time between agents with the same skill set and workgroup membership. At the same time, your CIC administrator can manually review, approve, or deny any trade request.

  • Shift trade requirements control such factors as how far in the future the shift trade must occur and the minimum number of hours you can trade.

  • Agent matching criteria determine which agents can trade with each other. For example, the administrator can require that both agents belong to the same ACD workgroup or scheduling unit.

  • Activity rules determine what happens to the activity type when agents trade shifts. You may not be able to trade shifts containing certain activities. Or the activities in a traded shift can remain unchanged or be replaced by an ACD activity.

Note: For specific details about the rules and other configuration options that control how shift trades work in your organization, contact your CIC administrator.

This section explains how to trade shifts.