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Forward Calls to Your Remote Telephone Number

Requirements: Your Phone Number Classifications-Forward Access Control rights determine which phone numbers you can use as forwarding numbers.

Note: CIC does not forward ACD-routed calls when you are in an Available Forward status.

If you will be away from your desk but accessible at another telephone number, you can forward your calls. You can forward calls to an internal extension, a local number, a cellular telephone, or even a long-distance number (if you have the appropriate rights.)

  • When you choose to forward calls to a remote telephone number, you must set your status to Available, Forward. The CIC server redirects all calls originally targeted at your local extension to the remote number.

Or your CIC administrator can create multiple Forwarding statuses if your site requires it. For example, you could have Available Forward, Home and Available Forward, Mobile.

  • If you can't normally make long-distance calls from the CIC client, you can't forward your calls to a long-distance number. If you have questions about your call privileges, see your CIC administrator.

To forward calls to your remote location:

  1. From the My Status drop-down list. select Available, Forward.

  2. Click Status Details next to them My Status drop-down list.

Note: Notes and Forward Number default from the last time you selected Available, Forward.

  1. In the Status details popup, in Forward Number, type the phone number where you can be reached.

  2. In Notes, enter any additional information on your status.

Requirements: You need the Status Notes right in order to create or modify Status notes.

  1. Press Enter to save your status details.

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