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Set Status Details

Depending on the status you select, you can set status details including status notes, forward number, and date and time you will become available. The date and time information you enter is played for all your incoming calls while in this status.

You can view other user’s Status Notes by adding this column to your Company Directory. For more information, see Customize Columns.

Note: Status detail information is required only for a Forward status which must have a Forward Number. If you do not enter status details, no dates or times are played for your incoming calls.

To set status details:

  1. Click Status Details next to the My Status drop-down list.

  1. In the Status details popup, complete the fields as described below.


Enter any additional information on your current status.

As a convenience, the notes from the last time you selected this status appear. You can make any necessary changes to these notes.

Requirements: You need the Status Notes right in order to create or modify Status notes.

Forward Number

This is enabled only for selected statuses such as Available, Forward. Enter a telephone number to which calls can be forwarded.

Note: The last forwarding number you used for this status defaults to the Forward Number box.

Until Date

Until Time

Depending on the selected status, you may supply the date and time, until which you will be unavailable.

  1. Press Enter to save your status details.

Tip: Press Escape to cancel. If the Status details popup appeared automatically because you selected a status that required status details, your status reverts to your prior status.

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