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Understanding Follow-me Routing

Requirements: You need the Follow Me Security right to use Follow-me routing in the CIC client.

If someone calls you when you’re away from your office, you can set up the CIC client to search for you at different telephone numbers. After locating you, the CIC client transfers the call to you at that location.

With follow-me routing, a caller dials one number to reach you and then the CIC client consecutively calls the telephone numbers you set up to find you and connect you to the caller.

Follow-me routing can transfer calls to several locations, including:

  • Your home

  • Your cell phone

  • An extension at another location

  • Any long-distance or international numbers, if you have permission from your CIC administrator

Follow-me routing configuration settings also determine how many seconds the CIC client rings a telephone number before it calls the next number on the follow-me list or transfers the call to your voice mail. These configuration settings can also require the person who answers the call to enter your CIC password. For more information, see Set Up Follow-me Routing.

How Follow-me Routing Works

To start follow-me routing, set your status to Available, Follow-Me. Then, when someone calls you, the caller can choose to leave a voice mail message or have CIC find you. If the caller wants CIC to find you, CIC records his or her name and places the caller on hold while it begins the follow-me routing process.

If CIC cannot locate you at any of the numbers in your follow-me routing list, it transfers the caller to your voice mail.

If call screening is enabled, when you answer the call and enter your password (if the follow-me routing number requires a password), CIC announces the caller’s name and you can choose to accept the call, transfer it to another number, or forward it to your voice mail.

Note: If someone else answers your call and follow-me routing requires a password, he or she must enter the password before CIC transfers the call. If no one enters the required password within a few seconds, CIC transfers the call to your voice mail.

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