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Set Up Follow-me Routing

Requirements: You need the Follow Me Security right to use Follow-me routing in the CIC client. Your Phone Number Classifications-Follow Me Access Control rights determine which phone numbers you can use as Follow-me numbers.

To handle calls when you are away from the office, the CIC client can search for you at different telephone numbers. The client consecutively calls the telephone numbers in a follow-me routing list. After locating you, the client can transfer the call to you at that location.

You can set up follow-me routing in the CIC client. You can also use the Telephone User Interface to turn Follow-me on or off and configure Follow-me phone numbers. For information about setting up Follow-me numbers via the TUI, see the CIC TUI User's Guide or Quick Reference Card in the PureConnect Documentation Library.

To add a follow-me phone number:

  1. In the Application Settings dialog box, click Calls > Follow Me.

  2. To prompt callers for their name, in the Follow Me properties details pane, select the Screen Calls check box.

Note: When you select Screen Calls and later answer a follow-me call, you hear a recorded segment from the caller before you accept the call. You can either accept the call or send it to voice mail.

  1. Click Add Number.

  1. In the Details section, complete the fields as described below.

Phone Number

Enter a telephone number you want the CIC client to call if you are not available.

Dialing Pause

You can use both commas (,) and slashes (/) with the number. A comma causes a two-second delay and numbers typed after the slash are dialed only after a connection is made. For example, if you typed the number "555-1212 / 101, 2222", the first seven digits are dialed. After a connection is made, the digits 101 are dialed, and after two seconds, the digits 2222 are dialed.

Note: Use of the comma (,) to create a two-second delay is not supported in all platforms.


Specify the number of seconds the CIC client rings an external number. It defaults to 15 seconds.

Note: If the forwarding number is an internal station extension, this timeout value is ignored and the station is alerted for 45 seconds.

Use Pin

To require that you or another call recipient must enter your CIC client password to accept the call, select Use Pin.

Note: This feature can prevent someone else from answering your calls through the follow-me routing process.

  1. To add another number, repeat steps 3 and 4.

  2. Click Save Settings to save your settings and close the Application Settings dialog box.

To change your follow me settings:

  1. Perform any of the following actions to update your follow me settings:

    • To change the order of your follow-me numbers, select a number and click Move Up or Move Down.

    • To delete a number, select a number and click Remove.

    • To change the settings for a number, select the number and type new values in the Phone Number and Timeout and then select or clear the Use Pin checkbox.

  2. Click Save Settings to save your settings.

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